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October 30, 2013


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lots of free features

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 30, 2013, 6:16 PM

because these people need more love

because school (especially indonesian) is being

just because

now watch all of them for me

:iconstormfire87: stormfire87

Cat Creature, thing by stormfire87Amziee by stormfire87Glow :PC: by stormfire87She will do it... by stormfire87


on that day mousekind received a grim reminder by crykovtremble, little lion man by crykovMy Thoughts They Can't Decode by crykovrest in peace, hollyleaf by crykov

her art is like so amazing, like seriously she needs much more watchers

:iconcursedhybrid: CursedHybrid

Icon for twisty-misty by CursedHybridIcon commission for DJ--cat by CursedHybridIt's a wonderful day~ by CursedHybridNow You're Gone... by CursedHybrid

her art is so cute! And she even made a mistycat icon! <333 her icons are just the cues test things ever

:iconmonodee: monodee

:thumb409714368:what you confuse for glory's fire by Darkaiyastir it up by Darkaiya

her art is so supper amazing like and her style is so fab

Talarik Icon (2) by Darkaiyatwisty-misty icon by DarkaiyaRaysblayde by Darkaiyaim falling through the doors of the emergency room by Darkaiyagiinga journal doll by DarkaiyaNightc0lored (2) by Darkaiyasodapoptops by Darkaiya

and her pixels are too amazing for words, like wow i wish i could make them like her! xD

:iconxxepicbeckyxx: xXEpicBeckyXx

Happy Halloween my friends! c: by xXEpicBeckyXxConner Realism by xXEpicBeckyXxHave a treat... by xXEpicBeckyXxI Hate You by xXEpicBeckyXx

her art is so pretty! And she's animating a series which she's also written up and its really cool! (its called dark past) and she's also a really nice person!

:iconjasperlizard: JasperLizard

I'll keep you safe (fake screenshot) by JasperLizardI'll wait for you forever :REDRAW: by JasperLizardFamily by JasperLizardI don't wanna live this destiny by JasperLizard

liz's art is super amazing. Just like her comic, its called two-faced if you're not watching her already and are reading her comic you should go there right now!

:iconneonfluzzycat: Neonfluzzycat

Hello Ladies~ by NeonfluzzycatGarfield by NeonfluzzycatWally the Oshawott by NeonfluzzycatMisty, Wolfie, and Maplesyrup chibis :PC: by Neonfluzzycat

her art is so adorable! And her animated series she's working on lately is so amazing! The first picture is of one of the characters which will appear in episode 13 and i can't wait to see him! ewe

:iconlovemoonspirit: LoveMoonspirit

Welcome :Speedpaint: by LoveMoonspiritFanart for Pokituu by LoveMoonspiritGift for RosePetal866 by LoveMoonspiritPoint Commission for TrashFromBloodClan by LoveMoonspirit

her art is so pretty! I love her shading skills!

:iconcaptain-fawn: Captain-Fawn

Bloodclaw Human/Cat form REF by Captain-FawnHalloween Adopt ::Auction:: [Closed] by Captain-FawnHawktalonXBloodclaw by Captain-Fawn::C:: Shatterpelt Journal Doll by Captain-Fawn

ahh look at that great art! She's such a great animator and she's got the same goal as me to be a disney character animator so you all help her and buy a commission or something

:iconp0ryeon: P0ryeon

Is there any meaning to my life.... by P0ryeonBird+cat custom for - iliketodrawsometimes by P0ryeonJournal Doll - ElectriicPenguin by P0ryeonContest entry by P0ryeonLucifer icon - contest entry by P0ryeon

her art is really pretty and her icons are adorable! (i love her icons!)

:iconowlfeather25: Owlfeather25


her art is like so preeeetty and she's a really nice person! (i spy with my little eye something that looks like Mistycat! 8D )

:icontropai: Tropai


look at those amazing pixels! I mean how could you not love them?? And her normal art is amazing too and her adoptables are so amazing and original! 

:iconroaruffer: Roaruffer

Kindle by Roaruffer29 by RoarufferLightning icon by RoarufferWyet is a beautiful creature by RoarufferButts by RoarufferSplashy icon by RoarufferSeaa icon by Roaruffer

her art style is so cute and her icons are adorable! 

:iconswagtofen: Swagtofen


her art is like wow and she's like a really cool person (the second picture is about a conversation we had about gravity falls if they like extended the realise date of season 2 xD )

:iconflashcs6: flashcs6


i can not even begin to say how amazing Leon is like wow look at that art, and a may or may not stalk their youtube which has some of the most amazing animations youtube has seen (i seriously mean that they are all so amazing)

:iconsiarrakt: siarrakt


just look at this art like wow its super adorable! And her commissions are super cheap you all need to go commission her now! Or watch her!

:iconmirthful--insanities: mirthful--insanities

but im coming for the crown by mirthful--insanitiesdesignsrgr8 by mirthful--insanitiesand your fashionably late by mirthful--insanities

look how pretty and original her art style is! And look how amazing that mapleshade is!

:icondragonridersc: DragonriderSC

Contest-entry-twist-misty by DragonriderSCbaby bumps by DragonriderSCThrough the flames by DragonriderSCcommission for Twisty-misty by DragonriderSC

her art is really good, she needs a lot more watchers!

:iconyunnitae: Yunnitae


:iconjunk-toast: Junk-Toast

Happy birthday Spirit Bro! by Junk-ToastHallzara Background by Junk-ToastHallzara Journal doll by Junk-ToastReese by Junk-ToastMy new DeviantID Photo by Junk-ToastHallows new icon by Junk-Toast

she's got really pretty art and she's a lot of fun to talk to!

:iconsirtainly: Sirtainly

Rainbowdash by SirtainlySir Nightfang the fagtastic by SirtainlyRice (art trade) by SirtainlyThe scrounge  on the name of all cats by Sirtainly

her art is so cool! And she's awesome at making things creepy!

:iconn-o-va: N-o-va


:iconblackbloodx: BlackBloodX

AT: running through water by BlackBloodXreq: Zail by BlackBloodXThe demon inside me by BlackBloodXJust by my own by BlackBloodXMinervioux by BlackBloodXMinervioux Chibi by BlackBloodX

her shading is like wow and i love the way she draws canines!

:iconmosspaws: mosspaws

her art style is like wow i like adore it look at all that art! (and those chibis are too cute for me)

:iconspiashiie: SpIashiie

~! Egypt Princess Korra !~Reef by SpIashiie:thumb401984902:RANDOM JOURNAL DOLL OF ALL TIME! by SpIashiie:thumb401521134:1st Month KorraXRena by SpIashiie[PC] Midnight Lights by SpIashiie

:iconspitfiresonice: SpitfiresOnIce

I'm covering my ears like a kid by SpitfiresOnIceWelcome to the Jungle by SpitfiresOnIceWhen I'm constantly failing you by SpitfiresOnIce'Saur! by SpitfiresOnIce

she is so talented like wow i can honestly say that she is one of the best artists that I've seen using ms paint like wow her shading skills are like amazing and i love how she does them. 


Witchy  by That-Love-VoodooLittle Buddies by That-Love-VoodooJack And Brad by That-Love-Voodoo

for lunatherosewolf c: her art is pretty cool though! ewe

she has some amazingly adorable (and under 10 point) adoptables
Buckswish auction- OPEN by Crystalfeather859Adopt batch 4 OPEN by Crystalfeather859Cheep ADOPTS- 2, 3, and 5 points-  7  left OPEN by Crystalfeather859
her didgital art is like wow like seriously i can't choose what to put here its all amazing
Crystal-wolf by Crystalfeather859Fall is here by Crystalfeather859Ninetails by Crystalfeather859Scruffnuffs by Crystalfeather859CrystalFeather by Crystalfeather859Little Wolf - ID by Crystalfeather859Little wolf by Crystalfeather859Crystalfeather FLIES by Crystalfeather859Spring time by Crystalfeather859
and she also does amazing traditional art
A special vist- water colour by Crystalfeather859Muddy dog by Crystalfeather859Girl in fineliner by Crystalfeather859Feather tree by Crystalfeather859
she has some super cheap commissions open so you all go buy some

first up we have some super cute and adorable adopts (1-5 points)
MORE CHEEP ADOPTABLES (most 5 points) by Mapleshade4546FREE CAT ADOPTABLES FREE FREE I SAY by Mapleshade4546Dog adoptables cheep (most 3 points) by Mapleshade45461 POINT EACH adoptables by Mapleshade4546
and now some of her amazing traditional art
Cat I DREW A CAT by Mapleshade4546A dragon, it was for a drawing comp, by Mapleshade4546Star by Mapleshade4546Star and Pan have the idea by Mapleshade4546A cat by Mapleshade4546WE ARE FAMILY! by Mapleshade4546
really cheap commissions! 

she has lots and lots of open adopts!
and other great arts!
:thumb408762535::thumb394592003:My new oc Light Strike by Starzyy:thumb403827571::thumb410205309::thumb398540559:

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Makaruu Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2013  Student Filmographer
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