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Submitted on
September 7, 2013


41 (who?)

commission prices

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 7, 2013, 8:04 PM


I love it if characters have accessories and if they do i will usually draw them interacting with the items because drawing everything the same way gets boring

prices base on 
$1.33 aud = 100 Points
please don't complain about prices they really aren't that expensive when you compare them to money and effort ect


Coloured sketch 50 Points
eg Snuggles .:AT:. by MakaruuFallen Leaves by Makaruu
a sketch of your character thats coloured.

grayscale 70 Points
eg <da:thumb id="406513380"/>have a grayscale by Makaruu
sketched with grey shading, please specify if you want me to shade the fur pattern like in the second example or not.


animal chibis 80 Points 
eg<da:thumb id="403526661"/>Boop by Makaruu

Small cute cheap and simple. No shading but have coloured lines.

human chibis 120 Points
<da:thumb id="444634162"/>
they will cut of around the shoulder, will include coloured outlines and shading.


headshots 80 :points:
cats dont sparkle by Makaruu:thumb443740741:
they will be shaded and such with probably a little bit of a background or add ons like sparkles, they can be removed if you'd like. I would like it if you specify an expression of some sort.

fullbody 150 Points
eg Komaeda by MakaruuHeadspinnner by Makaruu
tell me which type of shading you'd like (example one or two)

Flash drawing 200 Points
eg <da:thumb id="419117872"/>
Comes with shading and is drawn in flash cs6.


simple ref 200 Points
eg <da:thumb id="425297264"/>
includes a full body, head shot, top view, colour swatches and name of course.

complex ref 250 Points
eg <da:thumb id="404630745"/>
includes both sides, bottom view, top view, paw pads, head-shot, face, accessory box and anything else you can think of, price may vary if you don't want some of the features. Will have transparent backgrounds form now on (old example)

human references 300 Points
eg Persona Ref (redo) by Makaruu
comes with full body, headshot, up to three outfits and perhaps anything else if you'd like


journal skin type 1 180 Points
eg Two cuties by Makaruu<da:thumb id="422274167"/>
Price for one shaded character. Will come with shading and coding.

journal skin type 2 250 Points
eg Xxsugar-cloudxx .:co:. by Makaruu<da:thumb id="419883461"/>
they will have buttons that work and two small characters at the bottom. Prices will not vary on whether you want one or two characters on the bottom. All characters will be shaded.

all journal skins will come with a free cursor which will be included in the coding. 


Most pixels will be uploaded to Mistyfies

35 Points 
egAnd it pains me by Mistyfiesyou have been defeated. by Mistyfiesit kills to know that by Mistyfiesand played it, by Mistyfieswhat his brain by Mistyfieshelp me kill by Mistyfieswhile you're speaking... by Mistyfieshad a reason. by Mistyfieswhile you're breathing. by MistyfiesMr. Know it all, by MistyfiesIt killed you by Mistyfiesis telling all. by MistyfiesThe wires got by Mistyfies
cute little bobbing bullets of your character. Please nothing too complicated! A character with open wings and a long complex tail especially are a pain. They have coloured lines and shading.

blinky pixel icons
70 Points
eg <da:thumb id="408175271"/>
a headshot of your character blinking. 

glitching icons 100 Points
eg The silence of this sound, by Mistyfiesglitch icon by Makaruu
you have to tell me what you want them to glitch into and the expressions. 

non animated pixel icons 60 Points
eg go and try, you'll never break me by Mistyfiesto the place where we belong by Mistyfies.we talked about making it by Mistyfies
they are non animated icon that are shaded and have coloured lines. They will have a transparent background. 

non animated double pixel icons 
100 Points
eg<da:thumb id="412925223"/><da:thumb id="419492873"/><da:thumb id="418470643"/>
they are like the singles but 100x50 and for two people to use, ill include a link to the separate  files. Please specify relationship between the two people/characters.

animated icons 300 Points 
eg Mistycat icon by Makaruupaintedkittyartis icon .:co2:. by Makaruu<da:thumb id="405724913"/>woof .:co:. by Makaruu<da:thumb id="412077797"/>xXsugar-cloudXx .:co2:. by Makaruu
little animated icons. About 3-5 frames. They do cute little movements. If you dont have a movement in mind tell me which one of these you want it to be like most so i have an idea what you want. Prices will range on character and coloured lines.

pixels 170 Points
eg Leila and lukas .:co:. by MakaruuWhen you're evil by Makaruu
on a 50x50 canvas, they have coloured outlines and shading so yeah. Prizes are for one character only

wave/bouncing journal dolls 300 Points
stormfire87 .:co:. by Makaruu<da:thumb id="407955559"/><da:thumb id="411883402"/>
they bob up and down and blink/open their eyes. Prices will vary depending on particular things such as character, amount of characters act

double wave/bouncing journal dolls 500 Points
<da:thumb id="418481422"/>boop .:co:. by Makaruu
wave journal doll of two characters, they get resized for preview image purposes but if you want a full size one on your page or something, then i can give you the coding for that.

glitching journal dolls 400 Points 
eg becarefulpaint glitch .:co:. by MakaruuMapleshade glitch by Makaruu
A pixel animation of your character glitching into something else. You have to tell me what it needs to glitch into


custom adopts 300 Points
eg <da:thumb id="399707170"/> <da:thumb id="399740540"/>
please specify things like gender, colour sceme, species, things you'd like ect so i know what to do xD


anime icons 300 Points
eg: <da:thumb id="426356217"/><da:thumb id="426628515"/>redid the icon with hinat by Makaruu:thumb434245050::thumb434442839:
yeah made in flash, id appreciate if you could tell me the background colour you're after. Also the more colours in your character and the character you want the worse quality it will be exported as so bear that in mind please.

anime icon with non anime character 350 Points
eg <da:thumb id="423220496"/>you never made it. by Mistyfies<da:thumb id="427252923"/><da:thumb id="431528266"/>
sorry these take me longer then anime characters so uh yeah

flash icons 350 Points
eg <da:thumb id="414934293"/> 
double icons cost the price of one and add half of that. These are expensive because they take me a lot of time just like all my other animations

lip syncs 400 Points
eg marry me he said .:co:. by Makaruu Im sorry mother .:co:. by Makaruu
you must tell me what you want for song, if you want something else like a blink added it will cost more. The price will go down if you cut your own audio and convert it to a wav file for me xD side views will cost a more so please specify

small looping animations 1200 Points
eghave a thistleclaw gif by Makaruu
short sequence only about 10 frames. they won't have a squashed preview image like this one though :'D. They will not have a background and they will be fully coloured. They will also be looping but the example isn't


painting style 2000 Points
eg <da:thumb id="404089641"/>Star gazing by Makaruu
a painting thats all there is. Please specify background if you want one. The prices will vary on things little setting and characters.

realism 2500 Points
eg Burmese by MakaruuBlue Wren by Makaruu
A realistic picture of your character or pet, i would prefer a realistic design (not so much the colours but id prefer a real creature over a made up one)


what i will do
- animals
- mythical/made up species
- people 
- blood

what i will not do
- anthros (i haven't ever tried to draw them)
- sexual themes, hugging and kissing is ok but i won't go any further
- super gorey things, (i haven't practiced enough for that)
- characters on little info (need a picture at least)
- nudity

These are just prices that I will link to in a journal when I open commissions, if you're interested see if i have a journal saying commissions are open

please do not complain about the prices okay? They are actually not that expensive okay? I'm trying to invest and put all this money away for the future so I'm not just doing commissions for the fun so PLEASE don't complain about prices because it really gets to me.

Skin CSS by az-the-trash
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Skin by az-the-trash (modified by Makaruu)
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apocalyptiic Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Commissions are closed? aww ;;
Makaruu Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Student Filmographer
nope! Theyre open!
apocalyptiic Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Oh okay ;w;
I'm going to try to get some points to buy an anime character icon ;u;
Makaruu Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Student Filmographer
great ^^
Ill gladly do one for you then <33
apocalyptiic Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
okay, thank you! I'll probably have the points some time tomorrow ;u;
Makaruu Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2014  Student Filmographer
apocalyptiic Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Okay, I have the points! I'd like one of:
my fursona, Misty
and Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail ;w;
Makaruu Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  Student Filmographer
greaT! Sounds good to me! Just send over the points using the widjet ive made for you on my page and ill get started as soon as possible! <33
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DuchessAmbrosia Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Eyy, I was wondering, How much would a coloured sketch of three characters standing together, be?
Makaruu Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2014  Student Filmographer
hmm well a coloured sketch now a days will look something like… and… but I recon 220 :points: ?
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